You keep trying to get inside my head
While I try to forget the words you said
When it was only you and me
Noone to know, noone to see.

I know she's with you even though she's not
Just like you're with me
Don't you see?
She's your new challenge.
The tempting one.
I got erased from your list.

I've always told myself
I'm strong enough
To deal with whatever you throw at me
I knew you're like that.
But you broke my walls
Here's your chance at my heart.

Is it everything I want, is it everything I need?
It's not always happy endings
But it's all the in-between
That makes me want to keep
All the words you've said to me
When nobody else was listening.

I know my walls are gonna break
You push me to the edge
It's more than I can take.
I'm so close
Burning and fading away.
I know loving you
Isn't safe...